Conditions and cost of participation in the conference

Participation forms:

1. oral presentation

2. virtual presentation (for example, Skype)

If you send an article in English, it is checked for the quality of translation by native speakers before reviewing.

Сost of participation in the conference:

Early Registration: dates of sending articles 01.09.20-31.10.2020

Arrangement fee:210€

Design of the article on the template (if the service is required (optional)): 25€

Late Registration: dates of sending articles 01.11.20-01.12.2020

Arrangement fee: 230€

Design of the article on the template (if the service is required (optional)): 25€

*Includes the cost for publishing author’s material with a volume of 10,000 to 20,000 characters with spaces, including the list of references, as well as the number of co-authors of one article no more than three people. Exceeding the volume of the article is paid separately in the amount of 1000 rubles for 1000 characters over 20,000 characters with spaces. Exceeding the number of authors is paid at the rate of 4,000 rubles for each additional co-author over three.

Payment of the registration fee occurs only after the publication of the conference materials is accepted, but no later than October 31, 2020 for the “Early Registration”, no later than December 01, 2020 for the “Late Registration”

Please note that if the registration fee is not received by the due date, your report will not be published.

Detailed requirements for the design of articles, templates and addresses for sending materials on the requirements page


We draw your attention to the fact that all articles will be blindly reviewed, checked in a plagiarism tool.

The editorial office translates all papers in Russian into English and checks for grammatical errors.

The organizing committee makes mandatory reviewing of all articles.

The organizing committee will edit the articles if necessary.

Location of the conference